The Silence of the Lambs

Being the Monday after Christmas I thought I ought to ring in the new year with a flourish. So, let’s watch…


The Silence of the Lambs (1991)
Starring Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster
Directed by Jonathan Demme
How I saw it: Streamed on Netflix
I’ve seen the movie once before.

Opening shot of a misty woodscape obscured through a stark empty tree. labeled “Woods near Quantico, VA” Which is exciting for me because I’ve been binge watching all the seasons of Criminal Minds. So that has rightly prepared me for viewing this film.


Jodie Foster got top billing. Get it girl!

Scruffy looking Jodie Foster with a side ponytail before its time emerges from the woods clad in sweats running, running, sweating in the horribly affected chest triangle that all movies seem to depict. Who actualy sweats through their shirt in a perfect triangular pattern? Really.


Howard Shore did the soundtrack. That seems to make sense. Because he does almost all of the movie soundtracks.

How short is Jodie Foster? She just got in an elevator with all men and was at least a head shorter than all of them? Oh, I see…. woman holding her own in a man’s world. Got it. Subtle.

Dreamy eyed Foster looks at the wall of case evidence. “One day, I too shall solve a case…” Clarice Sterling? or Starling?….Starling.

Dr. Frederick Cleary is a creeeeep. Close shot of the face as he shamelessly hits on Foster. Ugh. I bet he eats faces too.


Ooh there are rules for seeing Hannibal.
“Rules: Do not touch the glass. Do not approach the glass. Hand him nothing but soft paper. No pencils or pens. No staples or paperclips. Use the sliding food carrier, no exceptions. if he attempts to pass you anything, do not accept it.”
I think this will be important.

Prison guard: “I’ll be watching. You’ll be fine.”
There are other crazies down here we need to meet in this film.
Hannibal and Clarice have the same color eyes. I wonder if that was done on purpose. Ok, her accent is bothering me. Settle down Ms. West Virginia.

Hannibal: “Memory is what I have instead of a view.”
He even blinks deliberately. How fascinating. Makes him looks like a bird of prey. The intense unyielding eye contact.
Why is she so pliant? Does whatever anyone tells her. Come on Foster. Don’t be reactionary.
Look, she isn’t the only female. There’s also a convenient women of color… light skinned. (Diversity – check. eye roll)

Why do mysteries generally lead to locked/abandoned storage units? Call the Winchesters. They might be helpful in the next hour and a half. Hey, look. Stuffed bird of prey.. you know… because predator.

Now we’re building rapport between the characters, letting both their characters fill out and size each other up. Sooo much talking.
Scrolls through Pinterest…Captain America, Sherlock meme, cute panda…


Cut to Memphis, TN. WHAT? Is that Dr. Hahn from Grey’s Anatomy? Dang curly hair. No, no Dr. Hahn. Don’t get in the van. Really?? SEE! That’s why you don’t get in the van. Some strange man hits you over the head and guesses your dress size. Run away. Oh, you can’t.


Clay Co., W VA
“Looks like a Buffalo Bill type situation.” ewwww Can we not?


Pulls bug cocoon from mouth of dead woman. No. No. No.


Now that we had a side scene with a couple awkward smart guys in a dark place. We know it is the death-head hawk moth, or something. We’ll just call him Dead Head.

No, we went to a scary place. I want to be somewhere else. I see buttocks and a small fluffy white dog. Lassie, Timmy is down the well!


Stop looking directly at the camera, Hannibal. No one wants to lock eyes with you. Can’t look away.

Buffalo Bill: “It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.” Ok, this is a hot mess. I can never again casually stroll through Bath and Body Works. Ever.


Seriously. Stop.


Hey, creep face. Why did you let Hannibal get at your pen? You are in so much trouble.


Foster and Hopkins are going through their lambs scene. Sigh. We keep getting closer and closer to Hannibal’s fce. Must. back away. Don’t get close to the glass. Ewwwwwwwwww…. his finger touched her finger when he handed her the case file. Must pause film and go wash hands.

It’s about to get bloody. Dear Nameless (soon to be faceless) police officers, Its been real. Camera reveals a paperclip(?) in hand. So those handcuffs won’t last long. Don’t crouch beside him. Never crouch beside a crazy person. I find it very interesting that he winces each time he hits the officer over the head. Seems like, if he were enjoying it, that wouldn’t be his reaction. Let me consult Dr. Spencer Reid. He’ll know.


My nose is running. I’m cold. And Diet Coke is gross…. should have brewed tea instead. This movie is making me uncomfortable.

Doors fly open to reveal a grotesque masterpiece illuminated by sunlight. Ok, someone should be vomiting. This is seriously disturbing. There’s a room full of cops an they are just seemed slightly shocked. Not a gag anywhere? A dry heave? No.


Ok, so this is the last thing I remember from the movie. It doesn’t end here? Oh….uh oh. What did my mind want me to forget?

What. WHAT? He’s in the ambulance. AHHHHHHHH. Turn around. See. This is why I don’t like masks. You are wearing a face that is not yours. Don’t do that.

Oh great, back to Buffalo Bill. Because that is so much more sane. Sewing skin. Obviously. Wrong leather, weirdo. Buffalo Bill needs to learn how to manage his wig. That is unacceptable.But his tuck job, admirable.


Why had is been twenty minutes since we last saw Hannibal Lecter? You know, he was wearing someone else’s face in an ambulance. Hannibal is at large. I repeat, Hannibal is at large.

Why are there Rocky Horror lips on my screen?


Foster is in skinwalker’s house because she doesn’t know how to clear her corners…. as we saw earlier at the FBI Academy. Luckily one of the Dead Head’s flew into the room, so she realized her error. Not the basement. That’s almost as bad as running upstairs. Things you don’t do when there is shady music playing: run upstairs, out into the dark, through a corn field, stand in one spot and never look behind you.

Ten minutes left to the film. I’m unsure how this will all resolve. Hannibal is ravaging the city. Buffalo Bill is hunting the new fall collection with his night vision goggles. And Foster will soon hyperventilate and fall down the well with Timmy because she can’t calm her very loud breathing. Dr. Hahn will never make it to Seattle Grace but she will use the fluffy dog as a grappling hook in an attempt ot free herself. Fluffy dog will wiggle loose leaving the two women at the bottom of the basement in eager anticipation of their contribution to the fashion show..


OR, Starling shoots skinwalker, continues with the heavy breathing, and right….. let’s please address the Hannibal issue.

Such good lines right at the end. “Have the lambs stopped screaming?” “I’m having an old friend for dinner.” Well scripted. As Hannibal saunters off into the crowd.


So, wait, what happens? Is there more? Nooooooo….. I hate unresolved endings. Grr.
Ha, the credits thank the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI. Sweet. High fives Dr. Reid and knocks on Garcia’s door to study her subtle genius.

In the words of Druscilla from Buffy: “Do it again. Do it again.”

– SH