Chasing Amy

I’m a few days out from my Hobbit Marathon. I’ve just iced 70 cookies for an office thing tomorrow, and there is still much evening left. So, thanks to some fancy Googling and a quick scan of titles that look a little happier than that last movie I viewed… I found…


Chasing Amy (1997)
Starring Ben Affleck and Joey Lauren Adams
Directed by Kevin Smith
How I saw it: Streamed on Netflix
First time seeing it, No previous knowledge of the film

Oh look. Ben Affleck. I like this movie already. Can we talk about the foreshadowing opening shot of a newspaper talking about Batman with a b&w shot of Ben Affleck’s character off to the side. You know, because he’s about to play Batman. Whoa.

Why are they showing comic strips? Not complaining. Looks more my speed. Ok, this movie has legit geek cred. – just realizing who Kevin Smith is.

Where are we? Dude, ComicCon!! But not real ComicCon. One in Manhattan. Need to go to SDCC.

Points for the Rosencrantz an Guildenstern reference. (If you’ve never seen Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead, do yourself a favor. Also, Hamlet. Oh..Hamlet.)


This is very 90’s grunge.
So Holden is a writer for a comic whose name I can’t remember. And he has this really intense roommate named Banky…who shall be referred to moving forward as Banksy.


Alyssa Jones is our female protagonist. Handy that she’s speaking on a panel so she has her name card right in front of her.


Ben is yelling with one of the panelists about Lando and Star Wars and racial tension is reaching some extreme levels at this panel. ComicCon is not a joke, people.
Banksy: “What’s a nubian?” Oh dang… Chasing Amy just got relevant. Angry man is yelling about gentrification. And pulls a gun.

ChasingAmyFabEnd of scene. Angry man breaks character and we realize…Angry black man is actually fabulous. It’s all staged. I feel so lied to. Thank you, Fab Man. Thank you for lying to me.

That girl. She has the voice..what is she from? Are we now hearing the Mighty Mighty Bosstones? What? “Never had to knock on wood…” Wow.

Uh oh, Holden and Alyssa are by themselves at a table in a smokey bar with the MMB singing out over them. She challenged him to darts. She’s good. You show him. On the wall behind them someone has written “And on the eighth day God created beer.” Aww. Originality is cute. Alyssa exits screen… and Holden is wooed. Staring off screen with the light on his face, illuminating his formerly darkened heart.
Fab man: “Let me guess, you like her.”

Cut to: Red Bank, NJ
We’re in the guys’ apartment? Studio? Both? Working on their drafting tables in the soft window light diffused through a flourishing marijuana plant. So elegant, so homey.

Dear Ben Affleck,
You are in a RomCom. Things are going to get so much worse before they get better.
The Plot Twist That Invited You To The Club Opening

Hahaha oooooh Holden. She’s a lesbian. Please realize this before you say something really awkward, or continue dancing like you are. (Club is called Meow Mix) Plus the proportion of women to not women present is painfully obvious.
Check – three sets of ear piercings. Sooooo 90’s.


I feel like this is Buffy at The Bronze in a crossover non-Whedonverse world. Maybe that one issue of Season 8 where she dabbles with same-sex tomfoolery.

This song has gone on too long. We can move on now.
Alyssa aggressively kisses blonde in the front row. Cat is out of the bag. (Yes, I went there)


It’s ok, Ben. It happens to the best of us. This is incredibly high brow. I wouldn’t recommend viewing unless you have an expensive glass of wine in hand. Extended table scene discussing the proper usage of “fuck” and the proper level of communication during sex. Excellent reference sequence for HS Health courses, maybe even to show during freshmen orientation at college. Poor Holden is not appreciating the other two one-upping each other on their past shenangians.

Awwww baby Matt Damon is in the movie. Baby Matt: “The days of Butthead are over.” That’s a career changing line right there.

OMG rapid progression through time sequence of Holden and Alyssa. And Holden is wearing a TRAGIC cable knit sweater. Yikes.


There it is. In front of the marijuana lamp with peace signs on it. Holden declares his love for Alyssa to Banksy. It doens’t go well, because Banksy may or may not be ever-so-slightly in love with Holden. Holy homoerotic tension, Batman.


Holden and Alyssa are driving in a car: Nooooooo he just said he loves her in the rain, on the side of the road, in a car….and he’s still going. Oh my goodness. AHHH.


That is some Say Anything, crazy 80’s John Hughes, please make it stop monologueness. “Don’t you forget about me.” Uh oh… now they’re standing in the rain. You are standing in dripping nature pheromones. Flee!

You know, she sounds like Julie Benz. Darla….from Buffy. That’s what her voice reminds me of.
Holden’s walking alone in the rain… sad and alone…. annnnnd she’s kissing him. I told you both to flee the pheromones.

They destroyed his apartment. And is that mustard, everywhere? How does that even happen?


Then the plot spiral begins… I’m working a puzzle on my iPad. Because, free daily puzzle.

I will never look at fingercuffs the same way again.
Also, my cat is trailing a ribbon across my foot just hoping I’ll pay attention to her. OMG Banksy was in Dogma. When was the last time I saw that movie? Alanis Morisette doing her God thing.

Then things get very loud and dramatic at a hockey game. WHY IS THERE SO MUCH YELLING?!

I will say, I appreciate this movie being told through the lens of two male friends instead of from a female perspective. That’s counter-normative. The guys in this movie have so many feelings. SO many. This movie is way too wordy for me. I’m kinda flip-flopping between thinking this is the “bro-i-est” movie ever and thinking it has these crazed movies of subtle genius. Maybe I’ve eaten too many sugar cookies.


Things fall apart with Holden and Alyssa because fingercuffs and not letting the past be in the past. Which leads to a conversation in a cafe that I’m sure is much more exciting if you’ve seen Kevin Smith’s other movies. But I’ve enver seen “Clerks” or “Mallrats” And who is Silent Bob?

We flash forward to a year from now. Banksy is by himself at a ComicCon. He looks across the room and sees Holden. They have one of those cinematic silent conversation with their eyes and microexpressions that means either “Goodbye”, “I love you”, or both.

Then Holden shows alyssa his new comic which is about him, and no one finds this creepy, at all.


But let’s not kid ourselves… in the end, this movie was really all about Holden and Banksy. Ahh…true friendship.


That was amusing. I’ll have to watch it again when I’m much more tired. My appreciation for comedy dramatically increases when I’m exhausted. Otherwise, I’m pretty much a comedy snob. I.E.: “That was not funny. Why is everyone laughing?”

Thumbs up and a fist bump for “Chasing Amy”

– SH